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Automating Application Collection with Formstack

Watch this Genius Webinar to see how the Formstack Platform can be used to create a seamless application experience.

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What will you learn in this webinar?

What will you learn in this webinar?

Are you tired of the time it takes to process applications after form submission? Whether you’re collecting applications for loans, grants, jobs, or something else, a manual workflow is rarely effective or efficient. Watch this Genius Webinar to see how you can use the Formstack Platform to create a seamless experience for applicants and internal reviewers alike.

See application workflow examples

Watch as Formstack Senior Solutions Engineer Brandon Billstrand walks through three different ways to automate application workflows.

Improve the applicant experience

Learn how to build dynamic forms and documents that adapt to an applicant’s submission, as well as how to collect eSignatures over email or by text message.

Save time on processing

Discover how to save your team time by adding approval steps to your application and generating multiple documents with a single form submission.


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